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Say, I load this script in the browser:

<script src='app.dart' type='application/dart'></script>

Now, in app.dart I have this:

import 'library1.dart';

Then in library1.dart you'll find this:

library library1;
import 'library2';

And finally in library2.dart we'll have:

library library2;
unleashTheKraken() => print('Unleashing the Kraken')

And the result is: Exception: No top-level method 'unleashTheKraken' declared. How so?

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Because imports don't chain automatically. You have to use the export statement for that.

library library1;

import "library2.dart";
export "library2.dart";

And to avoid unnecessary code: import and export are completely independent. If you don't use unleashTheKraken in library1 itself, you can omit the import statement and just use export alone.

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That's excellent, thank you! –  snitko Jan 11 '14 at 3:23

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