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I need some help regarding how can i automate FlexPaper Classic GPLv3 on my windows desktop.

I need a solution so that i can put all my PDF files into a source folder and all flex paper into a destination folder and automate it. I have to manually do this for approx 400 books of huge size.

I am doing this for a Prestigious Opensource Project and Every time i need to perform these actions to convert pdf to flex.

  • On the top row you will find the button 'Open PDF'.
  • Click on this and select the path to the file of your first book.
  • Open the book folder and select the PDF in it.
  • Now click ok/apply
  • Now you will be redirected to the main page after the book loads
  • click on 'Publish and View' button
  • again 'Publish' Button.
  • All the books get stored in 'Documents/FlexPaperPublications' on your hard drive. I have to close the application and then repeat it manually for approx 400 books of huge size.

Please suggest me how can i do this with automation on windows8 desktop.

I have good knowledge and programming skills in java,python and can learn also.

Please go through Screenshots:

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I would start by looking at Powershell and possibly the WASP Snapin, and if you are comfortable with C#, then I would also suggest looking at the UIAutomation Namespace. – John Bartels Jan 11 '14 at 6:15
I found these links and felt resourceful but don't know how to start exactly.… can you please help with these. – suz Jan 12 '14 at 6:32
I haven't ever used White, but it seems relatively straight-forward. (it also states that xUnit or nUnit are a pre-requisite, which I have also not used)... I would just download the White framework, and then attempt to automate calculator or the app that you want to automate. I'm not really sure where to start with the White Framework, but it seems like that CodeProject article is an excellent place to start. – John Bartels Jan 12 '14 at 21:35

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I'm pretty sure this isn't possible using the flexpaper converter.

If you take a look at the flexpaper documentation they describe how to convert PDFs to SWF. It should be fairly trivial to use a script or a console app to read the files in folder A convert them and save to folder B.

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