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I'm working on my first application of GAE.

I have a class "Place" with some properties which holds some information about a place such as name of place, little bit description about it and some images URLs. Therefore I declared and list in the class with generic of Link. However, I am getting "Basic attribute type should not be a container". I tried to remove @Basic but the error message is still there.

I remember in MySQL I should design another table for image and based on placeId link place and images together. should I follow this way?

Based on what I found from "Types and Property Classes", it is possible to add List as attribute but I have no idea why it shows the error message.

Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks

enter image description here


Update: I designed my class based on what Dan Sanderson mentioned in his book Programming Google App Engine, page 300

enter image description here

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Any basic JPA(2) docs will say that a List of Strings requires an ElementCollection annotation. As for why you refer to Python docs when using Java ... – Neil Stockton Jan 13 '14 at 18:55

As the message says, @Basic should not be used for containers (e.g. Java collections). It is only to be used for a limited list of basic types. Remove the @Basic annotation on that field.

If, as you say in the question, the error message is still there, you might need to try the following steps in order:

  1. Save the file
  2. Close and reopen the file
  3. Clean and rebuild the project
  4. Restart the IDE

(these are generic steps, which I use when an IDE is generating a compilation error that obviously makes no sense.)

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Thanks Robin, but unfortunately didn't work :( I'm trying to figuring out what's the problem. Error message will be gone by removing "@Entity(name = "Book")", however, I don't think it's the correct way. – Hesam Jan 12 '14 at 8:45
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Okay the error seems not have impact on GAE since I can run the app and store data into storage. I guess it's a bug in Intellij Idea that you can simply ignore it.

enter image description here

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It is not so a bug - if an entity holds a list of another entities, this means "one to many" relation, not "basic" field. If you add @OneToMany annotation, error in IDE will disappear. – cybersoft Oct 19 '15 at 22:23

Change @basic to @OneToMany for List types

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This can also happen when your class is missing its @Entity annotation. When you get weird warnings like these, sometimes it helps to try and compile and see if the compiler complains.

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