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I have in my document 2 checkbox arrays. One is engines[] and one is searchId[].

$("input:checkbox[@name='searchId[]']:checked").each(function() i use this to capture all the values from the searchId[] checkboxes (only if checked).
$("input:checkbox[@name='engines[]']:checked").each(function() same thing for engines

the problem is that it the selector gets all the checked checkboxes in the document regardless of their name. How can I make it get only the array I wish to get?

some code for a better understanding:

$("#startSearch").live("click", function(event){

                        $.getJSON("startsearch.php",{searchId: $(this).val()},function(data){
                            $('#status_' + $(this).val()).text(data.status);
                            $('#results_' + $(this).val()).text(data.results);
                            $('#date_' + $(this).val()).text(;
                            $('#totalResults_' + $(this).val()).text(data.totalResults);



                        $.getJSON( "addsearch.php", { inputString: $('#inputString').val(),searchString: $('#searchString').val(), engine: $(this).val() }, function(data){
                            //$('#searchTable tbody tr:first').empty();
                            var row = '<tr><td><span id ="status_''">'+data.status+'</span></td>'+
                                '<td><span id = "results_"''">0</span></td>'+
                                '<td><span id ="date_''">''</span></td>'+
                                '<td><span id ="totalResults_''">0</span></td>'+
                                '<td style="width: 96px;"><div class="actions"><ul>'+
                                '<li><input class="radio" name="searchId[]" type="checkbox" value="''" /></li>'+
                                '<li><a class="action1" href="#">1</a></li>'+
                                '<li><a class="action4" href="#">4</a></li>'+
                            $('#searchTable tbody').after(row);

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  1. The @attr selectors were completely removed on jQuery 1.3, if you are using a jQuery version > 1.2, simply remove the @ sign from the selector.
  2. The [ and ] characters need to be double escaped.

    $("input:checkbox[name='searchId\\[\\]']:checked").each(function () {

From the docs:

In jQuery 1.3 [@attr] style selectors were removed (they were previously deprecated in jQuery 1.2). Simply remove the '@' symbol from your selectors in order to make them work again.

The full list of characters that need to be escaped: #;&,.+*~':"!^$[]()=>|/

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