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I have developed a django application to show svg image on browser.

I have vss image that i saved as svg and placed in media folder with appropriate settings

Problem: when i try to view the svg image through my django application , images not displayed. To verify if my project setting are correct i look at the page source and its having svg content.

When i directly access the svg file using full path to svg file , it appear correctly.

Also when i create small svg file to draw circle at same location that is media and try to view it , it appeared on browser through my django application.

To me it look like svg file which i created from vss have some tags that contradict with html and hence not displaying svg image in browser.d

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You need to post some example code somewhere. The problem could be one of many things. We would just be guessing. – Paul LeBeau Jan 12 '14 at 3:12

You should use models.FileField instead models.ImageField, and in your template use it as image tag. The issue here is that Django uses the PIL library to validate that uploaded files really are images more about this issue

And if you have troubles with render SVG images in browser, you should use third party library, e.g. Raphael.js

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