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I want to configure my sendmail to relay email for certain domains to another host and to REJECT all LOCAL destinations. I wanted to accomplish that with LOCAL_RULE_0 as I have not found any FEATURE or precanned configuration.

In my *.mc in the LOCAL_RULE_0 which is suppose to be for checking recipient email addresses I specified to accept emails to relay domains ($=R) and to reject everything else.

R$* < $=R > $* $# relayhost .......
R$* $#error ..... "553 no local delivery elvis"

I compiled mc and restarted the sendmail, Then I telnet remotely to the server and started SMTP session

However when right after specified the sender with "mail from:"


I got the error "553 no local delivery elvis", meaning that LOCAL_RULE_0 fired for sender envelope, way before I entered any recipients. Why ?, RULE_0 was suppose to fire for recipient addresses.

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when DSN (delivery status notification) is enabled then sender envelope is fed into LOCAL_RULE_0. One can use ${addr_type} macro to distinquish between sender/recepient envelope address in parsing rules. –  boo9 Jan 19 at 11:38

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