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I experienced some problem, so I read jasmine documentation and found this for testing async code:

var request = require('request');
it("should respond with hello world",function(){
    var body, flag;
    runs(function() {
        body = '';
        flag = false;
        request("http://localhost:3000/hello", function(error, response, Body){
            body = Body;
            flag = true;
        return flag;
    },"The body",1000);

        expect(body).toEqual("hello world");

ok, really I thing this is the translation for node environment of that idioma. The looking at jasmine-node I found:

var request = require('request');

it("should respond with hello world", function(done) {
  request("http://localhost:3000/hello", function(error, response, body){
    expect(body).toEqual("hello world");

shorter, sure, I think it does the same thing, but what is the better option, and should I request a change to jasmine project (the last option look very compact)

There are advances on first form?

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jasmine.github.io/2.0/… jasmine version 2.0 add async support with something that look like (done) –  Daniele Cruciani Jan 15 at 15:14

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