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I was tring to set up the Shopizer on localhost.

I followed this to deploy it. Following is what I did.

  1. I think I successfully configured the mysql database. When I run shopizer-build-mysql.bat in the shopizer_root/schema/, there is something wrong with importing the shopizer_data.sql. But I imported it manually.

  2. I imported the 4 directory media, sm-core, sm-central and sm-shop into MyEclipse as existing project.

  3. right click the build.xml file in each directory, run as Ant. Console said build successfully.

  4. copy mysql-connector.jar to Tomcat's lib directory. and copy 3 war files to webapps directory. start Tomcat. Doploying seems right.

Then when I tried to visit localhost:8080/central, I see a logon page. I entered "admin" as login name, and "password" as password. It didnt work, didnt lead me to anywhere.

The console only showed "[DEBUG] ( [doFilter] - Requested URL /central/profile/logon.action" when I visit localhost:8080/central. When I click "logon", nothing happened.

I dont know what to do now. I want to learn hibernate, spring , struts in a real project. Could anybody help me?

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Open profile/logon.jsp


window.location.href = "/central/profile/dashboard.action";


location.href = "/central/profile/dashboard.action";

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Thank you Mike. I found the solution. The html code about logon button is not working right in Chrome. I deleted some of them, then it works. Also, when I logged into the admin panel, it has something wrong with the js code. For example, in /common/js/formvalidation.jsp, check_select(), form.elements[inputname] doesn't stand for the checked checkbox in Chrome. So it always asks me to select one language. – JasonW Jan 19 '14 at 14:11

Some workaround solution for shopizer-1.1.5-src

In chrome:

-fulfill "Logon" form - admin/password

-turn on "Developers tool" - F12

-put in Console: $("#logon-button").click();

-hit Enter

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As Shopizer with 2.0 version has switched to maven you can check the documentation page to correctly set up the app.

I want to learn hibernate, spring , struts in a real project.

...You can contribute to this project and be a part of the project development, there is no better way to learn than practicing in a real project and developing a useful stuff.

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