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Is there any way in gvim to rearrange tabs by dragging and dropping them with the mouse? This is behavior I love in Firefox and Chrome.

I know you can do :tabm n but that requires figuring out exactly how many tabs in you'd like to move to. Using the mouse would be more useful for this spatial task.

Any methods to move tabs left/right by one position would also be useful, since one could remap keys and move tabs without thinking too hard.

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This is not useful for GTK users, but I have found that moving tabs with the mouse works just fine in MacVim. –  werkshy Jan 30 '14 at 20:59

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Here is a function to move a tab to the left one position. Put it in your vimrc file and set up your keys as you see fit (to call it longhand, :execute TabLeft()).

Note that these functions "roll" tabs from first to last and last to first, respectively, so moving the first tab left makes it the last tab, and moving the last tab right makes it the first tab.

function TabLeft()
   let tab_number = tabpagenr() - 1
   if tab_number == 0
      execute "tabm" tabpagenr('$') - 1
      execute "tabm" tab_number - 1

...and to the right

function TabRight()
   let tab_number = tabpagenr() - 1
   let last_tab_number = tabpagenr('$') - 1
   if tab_number == last_tab_number
      execute "tabm" 0
      execute "tabm" tab_number + 1
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Great, I added that to my gvimrc along with this mapping to set ctrl-shift-cursors as my tab movement keys: "map <silent><C-S-Right> :execute TabRight()<CR>" –  werkshy Jan 21 '10 at 17:20
These functions work perfectly. Thank you. –  Sean McCleary Sep 15 '11 at 17:21
Thanks, I was looking for the tabpagenr function! –  Jérôme Dec 5 '11 at 9:51

Here's what's in my vimrc regarding tabs:

" Move tabs with alt + left|right
nnoremap <silent> <A-Left> :execute 'silent! tabmove ' . (tabpagenr()-2)<CR>
nnoremap <silent> <A-Right> :execute 'silent! tabmove ' . tabpagenr()<CR>
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This is much better than the accepted answer. –  Waseem Mar 6 '13 at 18:51
@Waseem: No, the accepted answer is much cleverer; it also folds back around at the first and last tab. –  James Haigh Mar 1 '14 at 0:30

Thanks, and I have modified your code for my vimrc :

function ShiftTab(direction)
     let tab_number = tabpagenr() 
     if a:direction == 0
         if tab_number == 1
             exe 'tabm' . tabpagenr('$')
             exe 'tabm' . (tab_number - 2)
         if tab_number == tabpagenr('$')
             exe 'tabm ' . 0
             exe 'tabm ' . tab_number
     return ''

Then in my GVim, I map [ctrl+shift+left] to move left, [ctrl+shift+right] to move left

inoremap <silent> <C-S-Left>  <C-r>=ShiftTab(0)<CR>
inoremap <silent> <C-S-Right>  <C-r>=ShiftTab(1)<CR>

noremap <silent> <C-S-Left>  :call ShiftTab(0)<CR>
noremap <silent> <C-S-Right> :call ShiftTab(1)<CR>
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