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I just started learning Express for nodejs using jade as a rendering engine, i have views and routes

Here are my views


  doctype html
        title= title
        link(rel='stylesheet', href='/stylesheets/style.css')
        link(href='/themes/bootstrap.min.css', rel='stylesheet')
        script(src='/javascripts/mygridwidjet.js', type='text/javascript')
    block content


extends layout

    block content
      h1= title
      p Welcome to #{title}

and here are my routes


exports.index = function(req, res){
  res.render('index', { title: 'Football Archive' });

and i wrote my client side javascript which interacts with the #Grid

now i am really confused about where to put the client side javascript.

ps: i am a total noob, sorry if this question is so stupid.

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Your client-side javascript is in the javascripts/mygridwidjet.js, isn't it? –  alex Jan 11 at 11:18
@alex no but in this /javascripts/clienttest.js –  user1492051 Jan 11 at 11:19
Did you include it into template like mygridwidjet.js is included? Is express.js set up to serve static files? –  alex Jan 11 at 11:21
@alex mygridwidjet.js is just a library, the javascript that i dont know where to put uses that library, no! is that all i have to do?! –  user1492051 Jan 11 at 11:24

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You must put it in the folder public/ (create it if it does not exists)

 |   |-express/
 |   |-socket.io/
 |   |-javascripts/
 |   |    |-mygridwidjet.js
 |   |-...

Here is a more complex example (my app) : https://github.com/CraftYourModCorporation/RedstoneHub

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