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I'm tinkering with Scala and Play as a bit of a weekend learning exercise, and one thing that has got me a bit stymied with the templating system is how to pass parameters into routes.

My template looks like this:

 @(wallPosts : Array[models.WallPost], wallPostIndex: Integer)


 <a href="@routes.Application.index(wallPostIndex = @wallPostIndex)">Next</a>


I don't seem to be able to pass @wallPostIndex into the route in this href? How would I go about this?

For reference, this is the route:

GET     /    controllers.Application.index(wallPostIndex: Int ?= 1)

Thanks for your help.

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Try removing the @ before the wallPostIndex in your href, something like this:

<a href="@routes.Application.index(wallPostIndex)">Next</a>
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Hiya, I've tried this and then I get nothing in the query string of the link. Any thoughts? –  Rich Jan 11 at 12:40
Additionally, if I use wallPostIndex = 5 as the argument in the route then I do get a ?wallPostIndex=5 query string in the link, so I'm wondering how I replace that 5 with the wallPostIndex parameter initially passed into the template? –  Rich Jan 11 at 12:42
Maybe it's because on your template wallPostIndex is of type Integer and the route is waiting for an Int. Try changing Integer to Int, tell me if that works. –  Peter Jan 11 at 12:43
Aaaaah, I think I see the error of my ways. I was confused because I expected the wallPostIndex parameter to appear in the URL even if it matches the default (so the query string isn't necessary).. this solution works. Thanks. –  Rich Jan 11 at 12:46

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