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First of all sorry about my english, I have a small problem with the IPN PayPal notification system. After a payment is done on my website, Paypal send to me a IPN message in order to confirm the transaction. In my website I need to do some stuff, including setting a variable which indicates the order can be send. But in the case two payments with the same amount are done at the same moment, how can I distinguish them? The user's mail is not enough because the mail I have can be diferent of the paypal user's mail...

Any Idea?

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Ok, I think using the custom filed I can achieve that.

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The transaction is identified by the txn_id field. In the case of a Reversal or Cancel_reversal, the original transaction it refers to is given by the parent_txn_id field.

I don't see what 'with the same amount' has to do with it.

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