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I'm new to designing a system architecture, and I would like to get some suggestions and/or advice. I do realize this is an open-ended question but I do not know which stack exchange sites I should be asking this question.


I have to desgin for a system which consists of a web application for data representation and multiple self running (indefinitely) gateways which will poll to acquire data from different devices at every certain interval. The web app and services will need to have duplex communication. The requirement is to be in .NET framework.

After reading much articles, I have decided to apply MVC approach on the web app, but still clueless on the gateways. Should I make it WinForm, WinService or bind into the web app? Separation of concern should be implemented too.

I'm also clueless about the communication between the web app and gateways, WCF or ASP.NET WebAPI or MVC Web API?

Question: What kind of app should the gateways be, and what communication medium is more suitable especially when duplex communication is required.

FYI, the system was previously implemented in WinForms and WinServices using MSMQ as the medium.


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