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I have a need to accept meeting invites (all) from a certain sender. The method of achieving this needs to be distributed to a number of users (so if a code solutions, code needs to be distributed, if settings and steps then manual actions etc).

My research has shown that there is some code to do this (VBA) but that distribution of said code is far from straight forward (i.e. there is only one code file and there is no programmatic access to implement code in Outlook (i.e. no VBAProject)).

So, what are my options here ? I am thinking of simply copying VbaProject.otm to the correct location (with an overwrite warning) but am not sure how best to progammatically retrieve the correct location for the file ?

Info on this and any other suggestions greatly appreciated.


P.S. Also worth noting that various locations on the web report using Resource Scheduling (automatically accept meeting requests...) but I'm not (nor will the clients) on MS Exchange, have no resources (but feel I would need to set one up for each client machine ?) as ALL of the options on that dialog are greyed out for me...

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