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Is it possible to disable & enable a USB connected digital picture frame in a windows batch file? I am currently using the DEVCON Enabhle/disable command & that does make the unit not shown as a drive & shows USB disabled in the Device Manager but the actual frame still thinks its connected. It is not until the frame is turned off/on or the USB cable is removed that it act like its not connected.

Here is my current program.

devcon enable *DEV_24CD
devcon enable *DEV_24C2
devcon enable *DEV_24C4
copy C:\Pic_Frame\Br_Frame\*.* E:\ /y
copy C:\Pic_Frame\Blk_Frame\*.* I:\ /y
del C:\Pic_Frame\Br_Frame\*.* /q
del C:\Pic_Frame\Blk_Frame\*.* /q
devcon disable *DEV_24CD
devcon disable *DEV_24C2
devcon disable *DEV_24C4

I understand this maybe an issue with the frame, but hoped there was something on the PC I was missing.

Thanks in advance.


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If you need the USB device to know it's disconnected you should have it reenumerate on the bus, which would mimic unplugging and plugging in USB, or possibly the on/off toggle in your case.

Instead of devcon disable issue devcon remove to disable and remove the device from the system completely. Then use devcon rescan to get it to reenumerate again. Depending on what you are trying to do you might need to use a combination of these and your original enable/disable commands.

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