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For my project, I am supposed to measure system performance of OpenStack SWIFT based on available resources like RAM, CPU, etc.. So, I was wondering, can I use a python script or some other programming language scripts to restrict the resources usage by OpenStack SWIFT to measure the impacts of those resources on the OpenStack SWIFT ???

Please reply!!!

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By using python resource module you can set the resource limit, please check more detail in the official docs resource

import resource
resource.setrlimit(resource.RLIMIT_CPU, (1, 1))

By using subprocess you can change the ulimit: system wide resource and nice level i.e scheduling priority.

import subprocess
subprocess.Popen('ulimit -t 10; nice -n 15 application_name', shell=True)
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Thanks a lot... :) :) –  user2525503 Jan 12 at 10:24

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