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Can you explain me, how look the algorithm of cracking the password, if we have handshake. What we take from the algorithm and within or how we compare the passwords from the dictionary?

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Compare? You have a dictionary of potential passwords and you try each one and see if it works. For the security conscious if you make your preshared key over 25 characters long and strong, no adhoc cracker will be able to afford a machine powerful enough to brute force it anyway. –  Tony Hopkinson Jan 11 at 15:40
Oh and don't broadcast your SSID, and give it a strong name as well. –  Tony Hopkinson Jan 11 at 15:42
Ok thanks, but also I would like to know how look the algorithm of cracking the password of wpa2? –  paulinka Jan 11 at 17:09
Well personally if I was interested, I'd google it. Unless of course I was trying to hack into someon else's wifi because I didn't have my own internet connection :) –  Tony Hopkinson Jan 11 at 17:14
Security.StackExchange?? maybe –  Tony Hopkinson Jan 11 at 17:15

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