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I wanted to clarify my Swing code by creating a class for each component and inheriting as desired

// Inner classes
private class Frame extends JFrame {}
private class Panel extends JPanel {}
private class Button extends JButton {}

although I didn't want to go overboard, I thought perhaps from a code and component organization strategy this may lend itself to easier code reading.

Is this a good strategy allowing containment and customization of each component confined to a class or is it better to simple define these components as local variables of a class?

When creating classes that inherit from Swing components, I noticed it cleanly separated components and made for better reading but I am not certain if this is a good approach. I did run into a problem with inheriting JButton such that I was unable to set the name

// Inner classes
private Panel extends JPanel { public Panel() { add(new Button("A Button")) } } 
private Button extends JButton { public Button(String name) { setName(name) } }
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Extending a component, just merely for reasons other than improving it's current features, is obviously a bad practice and a bad choice. Always prefer composition over inheritance. Inherit only when you want to add something to it's already specified features. Define them as local, if you just using them as is :-) Moreover, use genuine names for the custom button, so that the other programmer does not confuses it with java.awt.Button (when it is your own CustomButton) – nIcE cOw Jan 11 '14 at 15:34
Besides the sage advice of @nIcEcOw I'd add those are very confusing names, given each has AWT equivalents. – Andrew Thompson Jan 11 '14 at 15:47
I noticed it cleanly separated components and made for better reading - trying to write your code on a single line does NOT make for better reading. Consistent usage of white space and indentation of code makes for better reading. – camickr Jan 11 '14 at 16:11
@nIcEcOw I can still use classes to separate the areas or groups of my GUI for composition and don't bother inheriting unless extending capability correct? – Mushy Jan 11 '14 at 16:20
@Mushy : Ejaaaaaactly :-) Try to make something like as Swing is already using MVC-Pattern, and you are all good to go. But do keep in mind, too many classes is also not a good idea(‌​as it reduces performance). Though separation of concerns, helps in both manageability and maintainability, hence a nice balance is what is required. Though, to find that right balance is always a challenging task :-) – nIcE cOw Jan 11 '14 at 18:07

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