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I reserved 2 library books which came on the same day. I saw them on the shelf and realized that they were the same except one was about ObjC and one was about ObjC 2.0.

Also, what is the Objective-C++?

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What books are they? –  kubi Jan 21 '10 at 2:13

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Apple has an overview of Objective-C 2.0 on its Web site, though it's worth noting that the version of Objective-C 2 on the iPhone doesn't include garbage collection. Basically, the differences amount to:

  • Garbage collection (on the Mac)
  • for (id object in collection)
  • Properties and dot-syntax
  • Changes to the low-level runtime functions

Objective-C++ is a compiler mode that allows you to intermingle C++ code with Objective-C code in the same function body.

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A little wiki told me:

  • Objective-C: a C-style programming language with Smalltalk-style messaging.
  • Objective-C++: a GCC front-end which adds to C++ the extensions Objective-C adds to C.
  • Objective-C 2.0: a revision of the Objective-C language that includes modern garbage collection, syntax enhancements, runtime performance improvements and 64-bit support. Also adds features such as properties and fast enumerators. Currently only for OSX.
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