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I have a TListBox called ListBoxPlayers, and I believe ListBoxPlayers.Items references the list of TStrings inside the TListBox. I am trying to use this function but it doesn't seem to work. Any ideas?

EDIT: So I'm trying to set the size of the TListBox dependent on how many strings it is going to display. Here's my code:

procedure TForm3.edtSearchChange(Sender: TObject);
  if Length(edtSearch.text) > 0 then

ListBoxPlayers.Items.Count always stays at 0 however many items there are in the list.

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Define "doesn't seem to work". Show your code. –  David Heffernan Jan 11 at 16:00
It's always 0. I have updated with my code. –  user2412643 Jan 11 at 16:05
Haha I'm a moron. Forgot to remove the ListBoxPlayers.clear from the start. Thanks! –  user2412643 Jan 11 at 16:08
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It should be the exact same as it appears, and the same way it works in Delphi:

NumberOfItems := ListBoxPlayers.Items.Count;

For looping:

for i := 0 to ListBoxPlayers.Items.Count - 1 do


for i := 0 to Pred(ListBoxPlayers.Items.Count) do
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