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I want to highlight a row when the value of rating is less than or equal to 2. I am not able to use the <s:if> to get my result. Please tell me how to put condition in my JSP page.

<s:iterator value="fb" status="abc">
<s:if test="#abc.rating==2">
<td style="background: #CCCCCC">

<td><s:property value="cid"/></td>
<td><s:property value="cname"/></td>
<td><s:property value="rating"/></td>
<td><s:property value="likes"/></td>
<td><s:property value="dislikes"/></td>
<td><s:property value="suggestion"/></td>

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You can use EL (expression language) like this

<td style="background: ${abc.rating<=2 ? '#CCCCCC' : ''}">

or you can define bean variable

<logic:lessEqual value="2" name="abc" property="rating">
  <bean:define id="colorTd" value="#CCCCCC"/>

<td style="background: ${colorTd}">
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Suppose rating is a property of the object being iterated. Then inside the iterator tag you can access it by property name.

<s:if test="rating==2">
 <s:set var="myStyle" value="'background: #CCCCCC'"/>
 <s:set var="myStyle" value="'background: #FFFFFF'"/> 

then use HTML style attribute

<td style="<s:property value='#myStyle'/>">
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There are several ways:

  1. property name:

    <s:iterator value="mySource">
        <s:if test="rating==2">
  2. var alias reference:

    <s:iterator value="mySource" var="myVar">
        <s:if test="#myVar.rating==2">
  3. IteratorStatus index:

    <s:iterator value="mySource" status="myStat">
        <s:if test="mySource[%{#myStat.index}].rating==2">
  4. top reference:

    <s:iterator value="mySource">
        <s:if test="top.rating==2">
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