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I want to automate the upload process bug in some cases the python upload fails because pypi server already have the save version uploaded.

How can I force it to upload, from the script (i know I can remove the old variant using the web interface).

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I had the same problem but could not find a way to do it with current pypi and setuptools. – Dilawar Jan 29 '14 at 13:02
Especially with the existence of the test pypi server, this seems ridiculous. Even if you remove that existing version from the server you can't re-upload that version, saying "this filename has previously been used, you should use a different version. This should at least be possible on the test server. Bad form, pypi. – user1978019 Apr 30 at 6:37
The test server, meant to learn the real thing, should in my opinion behave like the real thing. And any change should force a new version subnumber. Because if you took the trouble to upload an improvement, why not grant the user the privilige to download it? Allowing deleted versions to be overwritten could be a potential source of chaos. Who will tell what is a significant change and what not. – Jacques de Hooge Jun 18 at 11:46
I wish I had more than one upvote to give @obsoleteaccount. Even if your change is "just a bug fix," overwriting existing or deleted versions opens the door for someone to upload "just a breaking change." Think of it as another case of "explicit is better than implicit" if that helps. – Foobie Bletch Sep 18 at 14:36

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Here's an actual answer, not just me adding more pontification in the comments. Found this thread:

That refers to this:

Saying it can't be done.

Also note the comment in the reddit thread about reading and incrementing the micro version for patches.

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