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I am having problem getting the attributes from a for loop statement and display it on the assigned link.

I got dynamic data to get from backend and once add registry button is click it should displayed the details from the assigned link.

heres my code:

<?php foreach ($showItems as $items) { ?>

            <td><?php if(!empty($items['ItemCode'])) echo $items['ItemCode'], ' '; ?><input type="hidden" name="pid" id="pid" value="<?php echo $items['ItemCode']; ?>" /></td>
            <td><img src="" /></td>
            <td><?php if(!empty($items['Name'])) echo $items['Name'], ' '; ?></td>
            <td><?php if(!empty($items['Price'])) echo $items['Price'], ' '; ?></td>
            <td><?php if(!empty($items['Description'])) echo $items['Description'], ' '; ?></td>
            <td><input type="text" name="qty" id="qty" maxlength="3" size="2" /></td>
            <td ><a class="popup-modal" href="#test-modal" data-id="<?php echo $items['ItemCode']; ?>">Add To Registry</a></td>


     <?php } ?>

and the display link is here:

<div id="test-modal" class="white-popup-block mfp-hide">
        <h1><img src="utilities/images/items-added-bru.gif" /></h1>
        <?php echo $items['ItemCode'];  ?>
        <p>You have successfully added the "<?php if(!empty($items['Name'])) echo $items['Name'], ' '; ?>" to your Baby Registry (# <?php echo $id; ?> ).</p>
        <p>Visit the "MUST HAVE" Registry Checklist to view the most popular registry items. </p>
        <p><a href="registry.php"> <!--class="popup-modal-dismiss"--> View My Registry</a> | <a href="products.php">Continue Shopping</a></p>
        <p><a class="popup-modal-dismiss" href="#">Dismiss</a></p>

and the magnific pop up script is here:

$(function () {

         callbacks : {

open : function(){

     //  var mp = $.magnificPopup.instance,
      //t = $(mp.currItem.el[0]);

      //console.log( t.data('id') );
     // alert(id);

      type: "POST",
      url: "addRegistry.php",
      //data: dataString,
      cache: false,
      success: function() {
        // parent.html(html);




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