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I am trying to link to a user profile image in Laravels blade template but I am only getting errors here.

This is my image tag containing the link:

<img class="img-circle dashboardprofileimage" src="{{ URL::asset('img/profile_pictures/users/{{ Auth::user()->profile_picture }}') }}"/>

I would be very happy if anyone could help me out here. I guess its a simple thing but I have tried quite a lot of times now.


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Your error is using nested {{ }}, you just need it once. Check out the correct code below:

class="img-circle dashboardprofileimage" 
URL::asset('img/profile_pictures/users/' . Auth::user()->profile_picture) 
}}" />

Note: it's splited into several lines for better legibility.

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thank you so much! – patrick Jan 11 '14 at 16:42

you just use {{ }} one time to print URL::asset() and Auth::user()

<img class="img-circle dashboardprofileimage" src="{{ URL::asset('img/profile_pictures/users/'.Auth::user()->profile_picture) }}"/>
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