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I saw this site in the internet and I tried it and it worked! Well, the Server did anyway. But this wasn't what I was really looking for. I was searching for codes that I could use in Eclipse to send Data from the PC to the Android App that I would create.

From all the searches I have done, I learned that socket connection was the best way because it was simple and easy.

Is there a way to change the code in the given site above to change the client from another phone into a PC? So that this time, my PC would be the one that could communicate with my phone through wireless connection.

Any help would be very useful. I'm new at programming and i'm trying to learn the basics with this. If it's possible that you could give me a revised code, that would really be great. Suggestions would also be appreciated if you know any sites where I could learn more about this or if there is already an existing answer to my question. THANKS A LOT !

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