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I'm trying to achieve a specific permalink structure for my Woocommerce shop but i can't get it right.

The settings i'm using:

Product Category Base: %product_cat%

Custom Base: %post_id%

However the result is all wrong. The category of a product is displayed twice, and the numeric post id does not display, instead it displays the product name, such as:


but the permalink structure i'm looking for is this: www.mywebsite.com/shop base/*product category*/product id*

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hi, i am looking for same thing. website.com/shop/parentcategory/category/product while i am getting follwing url now: website.com/shop/category/product . i don' t know how to display parent category name in url . how to do that? have you got the solution? –  Jack Torris Feb 3 at 6:20
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