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I've written a Windows program using the C API of Tcl/Tk to create a nice GUI. I've installed ActiveState ActiveTcl for the dependencies and everything compiles and runs fine. Compiling required me to link against the import libraries provided by ActiveTcl.

Now that i want to distribute this program i have to make a choice on how to handle the dependency on ActiveTcl. One option is to require ActiveTcl be installed before my program, while another is to just distribute the ActiveTcl DLL's that my program actually uses.

If i view my program using a Dependency Walker i can see that three ActiveTcl DLL's are used. tcl86.dll, tk86.dll and zlib1.dll. So then i tried to move the DLL's.

If i moved these DLL's to the C:\Windows folder or to the program's folder, the program no longer functions. After moving the DLL's and viewing the program in the dependency walker, i can see the DLL's are being found in these alternative locations but the program refuses to start. I don't even get an error.

Do any of you guys know why this might be the case? That the only time my program runs is if the DLL's are located in the installation directory of ActiveTcl (C:\Tcl\bin).

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Use the base dll to compile it. –  Johannes Kuhn Jan 11 at 22:17
Make a starpack? –  Donal Fellows Jan 11 at 22:17
The basedll should do the job. –  Johannes Kuhn Jan 11 at 22:18
What do you mean by use the base dll to compile? I really have no idea what that means. –  Gary Willoughby Jan 12 at 12:06
What Dependency Walker says about the 3 Dlls? They may have dependencies. –  manuell Jan 12 at 13:45

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The DDL's had dependencies of other files that should exist in the same folder.

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