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i'm using Debian Squeeze as NAS_OS and cant install MKVToolnix to use this script

so im trying to just fit the re.compile suite the old mkvtoolnix output.

i was wondering howto fit this command

AUDIO_RE    = re.compile(r"Spur ID (\d+): audio \([A-Z0-9_/]+\) [number:\d+ uid:\d+ codec_id:[A-Z0-9_/]+ codec_private_length:\d+ language:([a-z]{3})")
SUBTITLE_RE = re.compile(r"Spur ID (\d+): subtitles \([A-Z0-9_/]+\) [number:\d+ uid:\d+ codec_id:[A-Z0-9_/]+ codec_private_length:\d+ language:([a-z]{3})(?: track_name:\w*)? default_track:[01]{1} forced_track:([01]{1})")

to that line type of output ?

Track ID 2: audio (A_AC3) [language:ger default_track:1 forced_track:1]
Track ID 3: audio (A_DTS) [language:eng default_track:0 forced_track:0]
Track ID 4: subtitles (S_TEXT/UTF8) [language:eng default_track:0 forced_track:0]

this is how far i got - but the script still does not want to work for me

AUDIO_RE = re.compile(r"Track ID (\d+): audio \([A-Z0-9_/]+\) [language:[a-z]{3} default_track:[01]{1} forced_track:[01]{1}")
SUBTITLE_RE = re.compile(r"Track ID (\d+): subtitles \([A-Z0-9_/]+\) [language:[a-z]{3} default_track:[01]{1} forced_track:[01]{1}")

Script what i'm talking about is here

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You don't need {1} -- without a modifier, everything just matches one time. – Barmar Jan 11 '14 at 18:27
You've got some [ symbols you forgot to escape. – David Knipe Jan 11 '14 at 18:27
Still doesnt work AUDIO_RE = re.compile(r"Track ID (\d+): audio ([A-Z0-9_/]+) [language:[a-z]{3} default_track:[01] forced_track:[01]]") SUBTITLE_RE = re.compile(r"Track ID (\d+): subtitles ([A-Z0-9_/]+) [language:[a-z]{3} default_track:[01] forced_track:[01]]") – Gutz-Pilz Jan 11 '14 at 18:37
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To match the audio line (assuming all you want to capture is the track ID):

Track ID (\d+): audio \([A-Z0-9_/]+\) \[language:[a-z]{3} default_track:[01] forced_track:[01]\]


To match the subtitle line (again, same assumption):

Track ID (\d+): subtitles \([A-Z0-9_/]+\) \[language:[a-z]{3} default_track:[01] forced_track:[01]\]


Note in both cases the escaped \[ and \], which are required for matching literal square brackets.

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gonna try in couple minutes. but actually i need language. – Gutz-Pilz Jan 11 '14 at 20:23
Then just wrap the [a-z]{3} in brackets -> ([a-z]{3}) – brandonscript Jan 11 '14 at 20:50

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