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I am trying to create an image classifier based on RandomTrees from OpenCV (version 2.4). Right now, I initialize everything likes this:

    self.model = cv.RTrees()
    parameters = dict(max_depth=max_d, min_sample_count=5, use_surrogates=False, nactive_vars=0, 
                      term_crit=(criteria, max_num_trees, max_error))
    self.model.train(dataset, cv.CV_ROW_SAMPLE, responses, params=parameters)

I did it by looking at this question. The only problem is, whatever I change in the parameters, classification always remains the same (and wrong). Since the python documentation on this is very very scarce, I have no choice but to ask here what to do and how to check what I am doing. How to get the number of trees it generates and all the other things that are explained for C++ but not for Python - like train error? For example, I tried:


but got an error every time. Also, am I doing the termination criteria initialization correctly?

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