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I am developing a website using Adobe Dreamweaver, and when I open up the HTML file in chrome from my local computer, everything is as it should be (mainly the margins). But when I upload it to my hosting service all the margins go wrong. I have compared the source code and they are exactly the same.

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You probably forgot to upload the CSS files as well. You can see them in your code by looking for <link rel="stylesheet" href="..."> tags.

You could open the Chrome dev-tools window by pressing F12 and going to the Console tab where you would probably see some Failed to load resource messages indicating that it couldn't find the files.

Just upload them and make sure they're in the right path.

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Because your paths for resources may be referenced as absolute paths(for example: <img src="c:\mydocs\myimage.jpg">). Check all your paths and tehn come back if they dont fix your issues

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