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I am trying to restore a single database from a MYSQL dump which contains many databases.

I am trying the query in ubuntu command prompt:

mysql -u root -p --one-database pmadb < localhost.sql

But mysql still trying to create other database in the dump file like:

ERROR 1007 (HY000) at line 22: Can't create database 'c0roundcube'; database exists

Can't understand what I am doing wrong here. Thanks.

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possible duplicate of… – Digital Chris Jan 11 '14 at 19:49
@DigitalChris I have seen that link as well. Can't make out the solution. where to run that command - mysql -D mydatabase -o < dump.sql . Moreover it says that the Database should be in use - how? – Joshi Jan 11 '14 at 19:53

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You run this at the command line just like you did your statement.

mysql -u root -p -D pmadb -o < localhost.sql
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This worked perfectly. I was already using that command, but my error was, I created a db as pma instead of phpmyadmin. Anyway thank you very much. – Joshi Jan 11 '14 at 20:57

Your MySQL instance must already have a database named c0roundcube, and your MySQL dump includes a CREATE DATABASE command, which is preventing you from importing the file.

If you're looking to start fresh, you can either DROP DATABASE on the existing database, which will delete it in its entirety (including all tables).

Or you can remove the CREATE_DATABASE commands from your SQL dump, which may work depending on whether your database is already prepopulated with the same tables. (If you've already removed the tables from this database, this method will work fine, but if you already have the tables, you're going to run into the same issue with CREATE TABLE failing since the tables with the same name exist.)

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