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As a school project I need to write a C program which opens a folder (folder name taken as parameter) and then writes the contents of the everyfile inside it.Actually doing the job of cat.

But I absolutely dont know how to write it I have knowlage about file opening and systemcalls so I thought using them.

When executing ls command inside exec we used ("bin\ls",ls,NULL) so can I use open or cd command inside execlp to open a folder ?

After opening I need to open every file inside it and print its contents.Probably it will be done with while loop and fopen but how can I write the while loop to check when it came to the end of the folder ? Also even I can manage to write it how the hell I am going to open a file which is name is not written inside the program ?

If systemcalls and fopen is the wrong way then what should I do ?

    FILE * fp; 
    char dicname[10];
    pid_t pid;

    pid = fork();

        fprintf(stderr,"Fork error");
    else if (pid ==0)
        //execlp("cd","cd",dicname); or maybe //execlp("open","open",dicname);

        //while(end of folder) //maybe 1<argv
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To start with you should learn the scanf function, as it expects a char* (a pointer to a char) as argument for the format "%s", and you only give it a single char (not a pointer). –  Joachim Pileborg Jan 11 at 20:17
oke oke I put & you are write just a small mistake.The rest ? –  Bugra Sezer Jan 11 at 20:18
You can read directory listing using opendir() function, then You don't have to call "ls" (starting new process is expensive). See stackoverflow.com/questions/612097/… –  Roman Hocke Jan 11 at 20:18
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Look up opendir etc to read the contents of a directory - http://linux.die.net/man/3/opendir

Look up fopen read read the contents of a file - http://linux.die.net/man/3/fopen

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DIR *opendir(const char *dicname[0]); so is this open the folder I want? –  Bugra Sezer Jan 11 at 20:23
opendir - opens the directory, see also readdir –  Ed Heal Jan 11 at 20:28
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