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I have a site, www.example.com/index.html

It has two text input fields for users to paste img/gif urls

Clicking a submit button uses javascript to create a div with an img tag in it in my html file and it also converts the user input value into the div's img's src.

How would the submit button also update the site url to example.com/index.html?gif=someurl.com&gif2=someurl2.com

This way the user could copy and paste the url with query parameters and share it with someone and when that someone click the link, they're brought to the site, both of the divs would have img src's automatically loaded.

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Put form method to get. –  pregmatch Jan 11 at 20:39
example.com/index.html?gif=nastypornsite.com/hideously_illegal_picture.gif -- that'll go over well in little bobby's christmas email to grandma. –  Marc B Jan 11 at 20:40
in PHP: check if $_GET['gif'] is set and set the div's img's src to that value. And if its not set, dont do anything. But I would pay attention to what Marc B wrote –  Gillian Lo Wong Jan 11 at 21:02
I'll give that a try thank you. But I don't understand Marc B's comment. –  dMaller Jan 11 at 21:08

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You cannot update the url dynamically unless you have a hash in it (like example.com/index.html#gif=someurl.com&gif2=someurl2.com).

Here's an example of how you would do it with a hash:

if(window.location.hash) {
    var imgArray = window.location.hash.split("&gif=");

    for(var i=0; i<imgArray.length; i++) {
        $("#imgDiv").append($("<img>").attr("src", imgArray[i]));
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I have no idea why this jsfiddle isn't working but it's basically what I have working on my site right now. Submit button updates img src and so would I combine your code with what I have or replace it? jsfiddle.net/DsZVT –  dMaller Jan 11 at 21:26
I can't answer that because I don't know what your code looks like –  josh Jan 11 at 21:30
ah sorry. updated –  dMaller Jan 11 at 21:31

It is not a "php query string". It is URL with params, not strictly related to PHP or any other backend language.

If you will change the url via:

window.location = 'url';

The browser will navigate to the new page.

I recommend updating URL hash with

window.location.hash = 'url';

The at the beggining of your javascript, check if hash matches the pattern and contains a properties of the image file. The execute your function which shows IMG with the values.

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