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Set /P Input=[%CD%]
For /F "tokens=1,2* delims=." %%A In ('Echo %Input%') do (
   Set "Root=%%A"
   Set "Function=%%B"
   Set "Execute=%%C"
If %Root%==File Goto File
Goto Start

REM These are the File.Commands
If %Function%==Run Goto File_Run
If %Function%==TestFor Goto File_TestFor

In this program I sometimes have the variable "Function" blank and when I do it closes because it sets the variable to "ECHO is off", and then when I try to compare it just in case it isn't blank but it is blank, it closes. How do I fix this?

When I run this program and "Function" is empty the output is: Goto was unexpected at this time.

Then it closes.

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1 Answer

try doubleqoutes in your IF-lines to avoid syntax errors:

If "%Function%"=="Run" Goto File_Run

you may want to add a line:

If "%Function%"=="" Goto Empty_Function
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Thankyou, I will try this and see how it works. –  TheMountainFurnaceGabriel Jan 11 at 22:08
Thankyou, this did indeed fix the problem. –  TheMountainFurnaceGabriel Jan 11 at 22:15
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