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Could anyone please introduce books/papers/articles that I should read If I want to write a high-performance RPC server in Java, which handles large number of concurrent connections(C10K or over), is fault-tolerant, can be scaled out, and maintains high throughput? Thanks!

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A few years ago Ebay reimplemented their platform in Java and there are a few white papers and presentations floating around that describe it. Here are some:

Supposedly there is a link to a relevant white paper somewhere on this site, though I haven't found it yet: http://www.corej2eepatterns.com/

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I would recommend to read about the LMAX architecture, they are doing more than 100k transactions per second on a Java system.

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You should edit your question to be alittle more specific, what kind of server are we talking about here?

But to answer your question generally, I would looking into find your java program into a database. Why go through the trouble of rolling your own when you can leverage existing tools?

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