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Hello there fellow android enthusiasts!
I am trying to make a game as a part of my Android learning process. I want to make a simple grid color based game where when a player clicks on a grid item it should color it to player's color.
The grid should look something like enter image description here (My coding is much better than my drawing I promise)

I've been researching and reading about this for days but I couldn't find the answer I wanted. So, what do you suggest? Where should I start, I mean, how to approach this problem? Should I use GridView, TableView or draw a Canvas and then separate it using 2d array?
From what I have found out, Canvas is good for all games and apps like this but I don't have to use it here. GridView is good, but really hard to customize and control. However, it would serve me the purpose here.

My first thought was to use GridView and use images and swap them every time user would click on it, but is there a better way where I could change the background color of cell/item rather than making and then changing the mini pics?

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I would build this as a Canvas. GridView is used for arranging other UI components in a grid, like TextViews and EditTexts in a form; it manages the size and shape of grid cells, and the spaces between them, automatically. If you try to use GridView here, I'm afraid you will spend a lot of time and frustration trying to prevent it from doing the things it's built to do. Yes, you will have to do more work initially to build this on a bare Canvas, but you will have a much easier time in the long run, because the Canvas won't interfere with your drawing.

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