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I'm getting this output from ap, in my rspec test

"line1"<br />
"line2"<br />
"city"<br />
"state"<br />
"zip"<br />
"country"<br />

It is not because of the :html option, because when that's on it looks like:

&lt;pre>&lt;kbd style="color:brown">&quot;line1&quot;&lt;/kbd>&lt;/pre><br />
&lt;pre>&lt;kbd style="color:brown">&quot;line2&quot;&lt;/kbd>&lt;/pre><br />
&lt;pre>&lt;kbd style="color:brown">&quot;city&quot;&lt;/kbd>&lt;/pre><br />
&lt;pre>&lt;kbd style="color:brown">&quot;state&quot;&lt;/kbd>&lt;/pre><br />
&lt;pre>&lt;kbd style="color:brown">&quot;zip&quot;&lt;/kbd>&lt;/pre><br />
&lt;pre>&lt;kbd style="color:brown">&quot;country&quot;&lt;/kbd>&lt;/pre><br />
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In what are you rendering it ? A webpage I suppose, but if not try using "\n". – user3152069 Jan 11 '14 at 23:11
In rspec, in unit tests... – pixelearth Jan 12 '14 at 4:27

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