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Is there a way to run a Matlab.m file from Python 2.7 Shell or a .py code? I tried using the following code:

import os   

but then , it just opens the .m file, without running it ( as if when you press F5 in Editor Matlab).What shall i do ?
(I've already downloaded pymat and win32, if that helps)

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An example to run MATLAB with the -r option from Python can be found here –  BHF Jan 12 at 14:04

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Python can't run .m files directly, you need to use matlab or octave. Python can run external commands with the subprocess.Popen() function. Try something like this:

import subprocess, os

You mentioned you have pymat installed and want to use that. In that case, the correct way to open a .m file is to first use the pymat.open() function to start a session, then to run any commands with the pymat.eval() function. See the documentation here for an example and more details.

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Actually, I'm sorry, i wanted to say Numpy instead of pymat . I tried to install pymat, but it seems to not run in version beyond python 2.2 and right now i am using 2.7 . Thank you very much for your help, i'll look in subprocess library for the proper function –  user3186194 Jan 12 at 0:12
Subprocess is part of the standard library. You don't have to separately install anything. –  Dan Jan 12 at 0:16

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