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I have Anacondas installed on my windows machine.

I have installed the Python 3.3 environment.

I would like to update my numba to 0.11 on this environment (it is currently 0.9).

However, when I run "conda update numba" it appears to update numba for Python 2.7.

I cannot find any documentation to get it to update numba in my 3.3 environment.

What do I need to do?

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If you created the environment using -n, then you can use that same flag to other commands to get to that environment, like

conda update -n py33 numba

Alternatively, if the environment is activated, you can just conda update it

source activate py33
conda update numba
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What do you mean by "if the environment is activated". I cannot run source from either the command line or ipython. – Ginger Jan 14 '14 at 19:59
That command only works on Linux and OS X. On Windows, it's just activate py33. – asmeurer Jan 15 '14 at 0:13

I found that I can update it on my machine using this:

conda update -p /anaconda/envs/py33/ numba
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