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I have installed Android SDK 22.3 and JDK 1.7 update 21 on Win7 x64. Now I created an empty android application project using intelliJ 13.0.1 (also use Emulator as target device) and tried to build the project, but encountered the 'Error: Please select Android SDK'.

So I choose Emulator as the Target Device, but I could not select my AVD, as there is a Error: Cannot find any configured Android SDK.

In the Project Structure, it clearly shows 'Android 4.4.2 platform' as Project SDK. So I am totally confused, don't know how to resolve the issue.

ps. I was upgrading intelliJ 12.1.2 to intelliJ 13.0.1, and all the settings were automatically inherited from 12.1.2 when launching 13.0.1, but it seems not all the settings were exactly copied over to 13.0.1, which is unexpected.


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Check module SDK, whether it is set to Project SDK or to something else. –  kukido Jan 12 at 7:15
The module SDK was set to Project SDK and then even I changed it to Android 4.4.2 Platform, it still won't compile. –  daiyue Jan 12 at 13:41
So the final work around is to add Add New SDK for Android SDK again in the Platform Settings, which is very interesting. –  daiyue Jan 12 at 15:38
It happens sometimes when the SDK is not fully initialized. But now it should stay that way. –  kukido Jan 12 at 17:17
@AndreyMyatlyuk what do you mean by 'SDK is not fully initialized'? Do I need to initialize the SDK manually? –  daiyue Jan 12 at 19:07

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I faced this problem today. There was "please select Android SDK" in build configuration windows and Intellij could not recognize any of my ADB devices although everything was at it's place. Deleting all android SDKs from Intellij and adding them again solved my problem.

To do this open project structure windows, go to SDK pane and delete all android SDK, click OK. open project structure again and add them again.

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Seems a lot like IDEA can't find the Android SDK.

Have restarted the computer after using the Android SDK Installer?

After that, have you started the SDK Manager to install the Android 4.2.2 SDK?

Can you check the Android_SDK_HOME environment variable?

Take into account that the Android SDK Installer just installs a Manager. After that, you have to install an SDK (or several).

Also, when you see 'Android 4.4.2 platform' in the Project Structure, that means that the project will ask for that SDK. It doesn't mean that the SDK has been installed.

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I had the same problem as you did when I also updated from intellij Idea 12 to 13. In my situation, my Android SDK's Build target wasn't recognized properly, it said something like "Not set" in red instead Android 2.2. Even though I chose Android 2.2 and clicked apply and OK, it showed the "Not set" message again when I reopened the project structure dialog.

Then I chose an other version, Android 4.0 this time, clicked apply, then chose Android 2.2 again, clicked apply. This worked for me.

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check if you have installed all the add-ons that are necessary. Also I recommend you to use a real android phone for debugging. It's better, It's real and faster.

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