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I relied on the Pdo Api when I built my web application that turned out to be a quite large one, now I need to be able to prefix the tables such as prefix_tablename... How should I approach this?

  • Make a wrapper (Time consuming, hard to do etc).
  • Add a str_replace after every query, yes it sounds stupid...

    $stmt = $db->prepare("query FROM :prefix:table")...


Extend the PDO class and hack some way around there?

Is there any magical feature that I perhaps have missed that can help me achieve this...?

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Option 3: rethink your database design (i.e. do you really need to prefix your tables?) –  PeeHaa Jan 12 '14 at 1:55
Why do you need to prefix your tables? –  self Jan 12 '14 at 2:04

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It is not the answer that you want at all, but i would recommend you to use an DBAL (Data Base Abstraction Layer). In this case, i would recommend Doctrine. If you used it, all you would have to change are the table names INSIDE the entities. Your code would be exactly the same.

Anyway, good luck. There is no easy answer besides not changing the database

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You could extend the PDO class and use the magica method __call() to check the prepare() method being called and replace the ::prefix:: in the query text. Should be smth like this:

class PrefixedPDO extends PDO {

    * @link
   public function __call($name, $arguments)
      // according to [this]( - query should be in the args
      if ($name === 'prepare') {
          // check for the ::prefix:: in the query text (use params for that)


You will also need to change your PDO init to the new class - PrefixedPDO();

Hope this helps.

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