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I'm using Mongoose and my Schema looks like:

var WalletSchema = new Schema({
  accounts: [String]

My query (Node.js) looks like:

Wallet.update {accounts: account}, {$addToSet: {accounts: account}}, {upsert: true}, (err, updWallet) ->
  asyncCb err

However, I don't have any wallets in my database and I expected this to upsert. It does not. Instead it returns an error: MongoError: Cannot apply $addToSet modifier to non-array

Am I doing something wrong?

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It might be related to that open issue, where you try to $addToSet on a field which is used in the query. Try the $all workaround: your query should be {accounts: { $all: [account] }} instead. –  maxdec Mar 14 '14 at 15:37

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You either have to initialize your account document with an empty accounts array on first creation or use $push if your first $addToSet fails. $push creates a new field if the field is absent, which $addToSet does not.

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