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I have been working on this regex:

I wish to capture any non-pipe or bracket chars and place them in appropriate backreference (group).

How can I return the following:

  1. If test string is {link=a} return a into group 3.
  2. If test string is {link=a|b} return a into group 2, b into group 3.
  3. If test string is {link=a|b|c} return a into group 1, b into group 2, c into group 3.

Having issues where the strings are not correctly being picked up into correct groups on all permutations with the above regex. I think I have bracket grouping issues and/or OR (|) statement issues.

Thanks in advance.

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in python, but the syntax should be the same,


import re
ptn = re.compile(r"""
    """, re.VERBOSE)

l = [
    "{link=a} {link=a|b} {link=a|b|c}",
for s in l:
    for m in ptn.finditer(s):
        print "%s => matchs: %s => %s" % (

and result:

{link=a} => matchs: {link=a} => a
{link=a|b} => matchs: {link=a|b} => b
{link=a|b|c} => matchs: {link=a|b|c} => c
{link=a} {link=a|b} {link=a|b|c} => matchs: {link=a} => a
{link=a} {link=a|b} {link=a|b|c} => matchs: {link=a|b} => b
{link=a} {link=a|b} {link=a|b|c} => matchs: {link=a|b|c} => c
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Nice. But why do you use {0,1} instead of good old '?'? –  PhiLho Jan 21 '10 at 7:11
no good reason. i might just forget that;) –  Dyno Fu Jan 21 '10 at 7:14
I took the liberty to fix that (cosmetic), but more importantly to exclude the pipe from the first captures. –  PhiLho Jan 21 '10 at 7:21
Thanks for your efforts Dyno, can you try and run this again with l = ["{link=a} {link=a|b} {link=a|b|c}"]. I think you will find we run into issues, blocks start to merge into the one group etc. I am using this for a custom-syntax -> hyperlink tag generator and it's a valid use-case I might have many links in the one string that my regex will be tested upon. –  GONeale Jan 21 '10 at 8:09
modified upon request, is this what you want? –  Dyno Fu Jan 21 '10 at 14:40

How about capturing all the matches in the same group?

string[] tests = {

var link = @"(?<link>[^|]+)";
var pattern = new Regex(String.Format(@"^\{{link={0}(\|{0})*\}}$", link));

foreach (var s in tests) {
    Match m = pattern.Match(s);

    if (!m.Success) {
        Console.WriteLine("{0}: FAIL", s);

    Console.Write("{0}: PASS ", s);
    foreach (var l in m.Groups["link"].Captures)
        Console.Write("[{0}]", l);


{link=a}: PASS [a]
{link=a|b}: PASS [a][b]
{link=a|b|c}: PASS [a][b][c]
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