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I am actually working on a Firefox extension and I am trying to create objects containing both variables and methods in seperate Javascript files. So I tried to declare the instance like this :

var options = {
  toto: null,

  ready: function() {

And when I try to console.log(options); it only displays {toto:null} And if I try to call the ready function it says ready is not declared.

What do I do wrong?

Thank you in advance

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Are you creating options object in a different file and console.log is in different file? It looks like options was somehow serialized and hence the function was removed. – Kashif Jan 14 '14 at 2:58
 Have tried the same code in chrome.
 There seems to be no issue with the Object creation. 

Attaching the image for reference.

enter image description here

Object is displaying both 'todo' and 'ready' as its propery in console,and we can access them using 'Object.propertyName' in your case :

'options.todo' and 'options.ready()'
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I am working on a firefox extension not on a website. So sorry but this does not help – Manny42 Jan 12 '14 at 7:28

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