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I just reinstalled my windows system days ago.

then I found eclipse autocompletion not working in some case.

  • It case sensitive now

    for example: there is a class named UserTemplate. if I use it at another class, when I type user and press Alt+/, it will show a dialog window that contain UserTemplate, but now its only happen that I must type User instead of user.

    although it will autocomplete class name with case sensitive, but still not in window allow me to choose, it just type the class name at cursor location.

  • not automatically import class

    after complete class name, if the class in another package, it will auto import class before, but not now!

  • not autocomplete variable name now

    same example: after I type UserTemplate, then a space character, and Alt+/ now. it will show a window contain userTemplate, template these alternative variable names. still not now like previous case.

I never changed any setting of Eclipse after I reinstalled my computer system.

like you know, eclipse dont need to install. exactly the same files.

so why? and how to solve this problem. it really cause a lot of trouble of my work

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