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In a Play application (2.2.x) I'm using RawSql to fetch Objects and I get the following Exception:

Execution exception[[PersistenceException: No ScalarType registered for class java.util.ArrayList]]

My model basically looks like

public class Metadata extends Model {
    public static Model.Finder<String, Metadata> find = new Model.Finder<String, Metadata>(String.class, Metadata.class);

    public String recordID;

    @ManyToMany(cascade = CascadeType.REMOVE)
    public List<Keyword> keywords = new ArrayList<Keyword>();


public class Keyword extends Model {
    public String keyword;

    public static Model.Finder<String, Keyword> find = new Model.Finder<String, Keyword>(String.class, Keyword.class);


and a little helper bean

public class RecordId extends Model {
    public String recordId;

Now I want to find all Records that have a List of Keywords. So I wrote a RawSql that lookes like this

SELECT metadata_record_id as recordId
FROM metadata_keyword
WHERE keyword_keyword IN (?)
GROUP BY recordId
HAVING count(recordId) = ?
ORDER BY recordId

In my Controller I use setParameter to fill the Parameters.

RawSql rawSql = RawSqlBuilder.parse(sql).create();
List<RecordId> query = Ebean.find(RecordId.class).setRawSql(rawSql)
                .setParameter(1, stringList)
                .setParameter(2, stringList.size())

What am I missing here? Converting the string list into a comma separated string is not working, what I was expecting. I could just concatenate the query string and not use setParameter(), but I guess that would be prone (at least in theory) to sql injection.

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