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So... I have spent the last hour trying to figure out why the sort method for my array was not working properly, when I realized that the variable I was trying to sort by in my objects was not publicly available. I have accessed it by using a getter method, which has worked fine for all other purposes. My questions is: Is it possible to sort by a private variable somehow? Perhaps by using a getter method, but I don't know how that would work syntactically. Or do I just have to make my variable public?

On a slightly related note, is there some way to sort on a variable of an object in a vector using standard methods?

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The answer below worked great. It also wasn't my problem. If anyone else is having a similar problem, the solution to mine was not in the sort method at all. I was just not redisplaying the objects in the sorted order, so it looked like it hadn't sorted. –  Joshua Zollinger Jan 22 at 8:33
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Here is an example using get function to sort

 var k:Vector.<A> = new Vector.<A>();
 k.push(new A(5));
 k.push(new A(3));
 k.push(new A(7));
 k.push(new A(1));
 k.push(new A(9));


 private function compareFunction(obj1:Object, obj2:Object, properties:Array = null):int

        var a1:A = obj1 as A;

        var a2:A = obj2 as A;

        if (a1.level > a2.level)
            return 1;
        else if (a1.level < a2.level)
             return -1;
             return 0;


class A {

   private var _level:int;

   public function get level():int
       return _level;

   public function A($level:int) 
       _level = $level

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