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In graph theory, a planar graph is a graph that can be embedded in the plane, i.e., it can be drawn on the plane in such a way that its edges intersect only at their endpoints.

Their are many algorithms which exist for planar graph testing (i.e. determining if a given graph is Planar). The best ones are in O(n) where n is the number of vertices.

Which open source programs exist which support the following features:

  • Can Draw Planar Graphs
  • Support an O(n) Planar graph testing.
  • Support variable node size.
  • Support fixed drawing boundary region
  • Are open source
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I have a few pointers for graph visualization methods:

  1. Prefuse - original version is in Java and the newer stuff is flash.

  2. Graphviz

  3. Networkx with matplotlib - all in python

  4. Ubigraph - for animated 3D visualization

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+1 for graphviz – Mawg Apr 25 '10 at 0:20

I've found this one useful for all kinds of 2D work..

It's java based so you should be able to run it anywhere you have a suitable jvm.

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From the site... ...

Graphanalyzer is an environment for visualization of graphs. Graphanalyzer provides abilities for creating, processing of graphs and shows the results of visualization. Program supports oriented and nonoriented graphs, weighted and non weighted graphs. Program includes many algorithms for graph processing, from path finding to planar checking. This program is an irreplaceable helper for solving tasks occurring in the graph theory. Visualization of graph and algorithm.


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I'd suggest use build your own using boost-graph libraries. A good information can be found on Donald knuth home page. There are some softwares which I have not used very much. Graphthing is one of those. I do not think it'll meet your requirement. If you are a research guy, then I personally recommend not to be inclined towards visualization of graphs.

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