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How do I make a Web Browser toolbar in C++. in dev-C++ for I.E with no addon libraries?

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Since you use Dev C++ I am assuming you want to make IE Addons? If thats the case, this should get you started: Creating Add-ons for Internet Explorer: Toolbars on msdn.microsoft.com

And you should also take a loot at the Guidelines for add-on developers over at IE Blog.

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+1 for the MSDN link –  Nathan Osman Jan 21 '10 at 7:18

What do you mean by no add on libraries? win32 is an external library, as is libX11, etc. Dev-C++ makes me think that you want pure win32. In that case, you want the common controls. I found this after a quick google: http://hyper.sunjapan.com.cn/~hz/win32/commctl2.htm . Hopefully it helps!

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www.besttoolbars.net provides a platfrom for creating toolbar their solution is quite robust and has Javascript API so that you can write all the functionality using Javascript while the toolbar is created on C++.

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