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When the status bar is hidden or shown on a navigation controller in iOS 7, the navigationBar will move up or down. How can I get it so that the navigationBar height = it's height + the status bar offset at all times?

Tinder is a good example of an app that successfully does this when transitioning to the menu.

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don't know if you found the solution. i am still searching for a better one but you can set the the origin of the navigation bar when the animation starts

How to fade out the status bar while not hiding it

but if you have set the navigationBar.translucent = NO and if you have child viewcontrollers the view controllers will also move. so you will have to work with it too.

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I ended up just not using the navigation controller's navbar and making my own and making it the height of the status bar (20 points) + the standard height of a UINavigationBar. That way when the status bar hides, the nav bar just stays at the same height since it's not being managed by the UINavigationController –  startupthekid Feb 27 '14 at 19:31

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